Agriculture Shows

4H Sheep Show

See our farmers of the future show their prize animals.  These young people work all year to produce the best sheep in the region.  Please come out and support them as they prepare to provide you with your next meal.


Hey 4H'ers, want to participate?  Please complete the waiver and register with Caileigh Tibben at


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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum Educational Demonstrations

Presented by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum; 5 demos daily featuring "Busy as a Bee", "Grain Grinding" and "Helpful Critters"

  Part blacksmith, part storyteller and part historian the Blacksmith invites your participation as he works the red hot steel on the anvil, changing its form before your eyes...

  The smell of soft coal smoke, the roar of the bellows and the steady rhythm of the hammer and anvil blend to create a magical environment that will transport you back into the past...

  Join the Blacksmith as he stokes the forge, hammers the iron and resurrects the sights, smells and spirit of blacksmithing at the Capital Fair.

  Look for our Blacksmith at the Agriculture Pavilion where you too will... "Hear the Anvil Ring!"

Blacksmith Demonstration

Sheep Shearing Demonstration

Where wool starts and how it  begins it's journey.  See our sheep friends get their cool summer haircuts.  Two demos each Saturday and Sunday in the Agricultural Pavilion.

Please note:  These sheep are not hand tamed and are for demonstration purposes only.

Spectator contact is not allowed.


Always wash/sanitized hands after contacting any animal.

Rare Breed Display

   As time marches on less popular breeds of farm animals that originally helped build Canada`s agricultural industry have been in decline in favour of those which are bred for larger production and faster reproduction.  Not to be forgotten, the Fair salutes these stalwart breeds with a special exhibit from Heritage Breeds Canada.


   Hopefully `Massie`and `Fergie`, the gentle giant twin Ayshire Oxen will join us again.  Almost two tons of prime beef.

  So what did you have for breakfast today?  Cereal, toast, porridge, a Danish, croissant or a toaster treat?

  All these are possible because a grain farmer got up at 4 o`clock in the morning to ensure that the harvest took place when ready and on time.

  So how about lunch?  A sandwich, pasta salad, breaded chicken?

The list goes on and on as grains are so common place that we take them for granted.

  Now, about dinner...

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Osgoode Heritage Museum & Historical Society

  On Bank Street, at the City`s south edge is the Osgoode Historical Museum.  Travel back to a day when horsepower was a horse and true innovation  was the mainstay of human progress.

The Gloucester Agricultural Society

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