Festivals are the time for making memories and Ottawa Public Health wants to help you party safer.  If you are consuming drugs or alcohol, or a combination of both, overdoses can happen. At large events like festivals, there is also an increased risk of violence and alcohol and drug-facilitated sexual assaults.


Follow these PARTY SAFE tips to keep you and your friends safe at festivals:


1. Stay with friends you trust and keep an eye on each other

2. Pace yourself by taking breaks from drinking and dancing, having water, waiting to feel the effects before deciding to have more, and avoiding drinking games

3. Pace yourself-start low and go slow

4. Use one drug at a time

5. Know what you are taking and don’t accept drinks or food from others

6. Go easy on your lungs by avoiding social smoking, avoiding using tobacco and cannabis together, and choosing other ways to use

7. Plan a safe ride home before going out

8. Know the signs and symptoms of an overdose, including alcohol poisoning, opioid overdose and cannabis overdose

9. Carry Naloxone

10. Always seek consent for all sexual activities and for sharing drugs.  Consent is all about setting your personal boundaries and respecting other's boundaries. You can only give consent for yourself.  Consent cannot be given by someone who is intoxicated, unconscious, or cannot give their consent for any other reason. Consent can't be given if it is a result of someone threatening you, themselves or others.

11. Choose safer sex options

12. Ask for help when you see anything suspicious, feel uncomfortable, or think someone needs help


Festival Staff and Volunteers are available throughout the site. Go to them right away if you feel you or someone around you may be experiencing an overdose or need help in any way.


Don’t be afraid to call 9-1-1 if you or someone else is showing any symptoms of a drug or alcohol overdose.


Under the The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, you can't be charged for simple possession of illegal drugs, or for pre-trial release, probation orders, conditional sentencing or parole violations related to simple possession when calling for help in an overdose. This exemption applies to you or anyone you are calling for.

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