Featuring Maria Hawkins, this interactive program invites you, the live audience to become the act.  Join Maria on stage with her tambourine, bongos or whatever other instrument appeals to your inner musician and become the star that you always knew you are.

Appearing Daily


Friday, August 18th - 6:15pm

Saturday, August 19th - 2:30pm

Sunday, August 20th - 4:00pm

Monday, August 21st - 4:15pm

Tuesday, August 22nd - 4:15pm

on the Coors Lite Stage


Wednesday, August 23rd - 4:15pm

Thursday, August 24th - 4:15pm

Friday, August 25th - 6:15pm

Saturday, August 26th - 4:30pm

Sunday, August 27th - 5:00pm

The Gloucester Agricultural Society

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