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Is there a shuttle to the fair?2023-08-05T20:58:56-04:00

There is no shuttle to the fair. The best option is to use OCtranspo to get to Findley Creek Plaza (Corner of Bank St and Findlay Creek Drive) and then Taxi or Uber to the fair (4837 Albion Rd).

Are we able to leave the fairgrounds and come back in again?2021-05-18T21:49:54-04:00

No, we cannot allow in and out privileges.  Please ensure to bring everything you may need such as a sweatshirt for those cool evenings.

When will midway bracelets be available to purchase?2023-07-21T14:44:05-04:00

Bracelets will go on sale July 15th online or at any Quickie Convenience Store and some select MacEwen’s stores until Thursday, August 17th @ 11:59pm.

Are there any midway or gate admission deals?2023-08-05T22:42:33-04:00

Midway all-day discount bracelets sell for $38.00 including HST online, at the Hard Rock’s Rock Shop or at all Quickie Convenience Stores and some select MacEwen’s stores, prior to opening day. This discount offer expires on Thursday, August 17th at 11:59pm. Regular bracelets at the Fair are $45.00 including HST, so we highly recommend purchasing the discounted bracelets while they are available

I need to accompany my small children on some rides. Do I need to purchase a full ride pass to be able to accompany them on rides?2020-12-28T19:38:45-05:00

Yes. Everyone that would like to ride will need a bracelet or sufficient coupons.

What ride and/or attraction restrictions are there in the park?2020-12-28T19:38:12-05:00

See Midway Ride Safety restrictions here.

Will all rides or attractions be operating?2020-12-28T19:36:34-05:00

All available rides or attractions will be operating unless weather dictates otherwise or safety maintenance is required.

What am I NOT ALLOWED to bring into the Fair?2022-04-20T23:31:40-04:00

Outside food and beverages, pets, weapons, offensive clothing, alcohol, smoking products, illegal drugs and any other items considered to not be appropriate for a family-oriented atmosphere.

Are pets and animals allowed inside the Fair?2022-04-20T23:35:28-04:00

No. Only service animals or performer’s dogs are admissible. Service dogs may be asked for certification documents at the Front Gate to gain entry, that may be refused at gate security’s complete discretion.

Are we allowed to bring our cameras into the Fair?2022-04-20T23:40:19-04:00

Yes but we request you respect other’s privacy. Please consult Guest Policies for full details.

What is the Capital Fair’s weather policy?2020-12-28T16:20:42-05:00

With a variety of tented and outdoor activities taking place during the 10 days of the fair, the Capital Fair operates rain or shine. Some outdoor attractions or shows may be postponed or canceled in the event of an electrical storm for the safety of both our performers and visitors. The fair is not responsible for any schedule changes due to inclement weather.

Where can I find out what is going on at the Capital Fair right now?2022-04-20T23:45:17-04:00

There will be daily schedules available at the midway’s Guest Services Booth when you pick up your midway tickets, or you can check capitalfair.ca for daily schedules and features.

Are we allowed to bring food or beverage into the Fair?2022-04-20T23:47:01-04:00

No. Our no food or drink policy is in place for security purposes and to respect our food vendors.

How much is admission?2022-04-20T23:47:55-04:00

Gate admission is $10.00 per person. Children under 36″ are free. Please note: Midway bracelets/coupons are sold separately.

What is the best way to dress for a day at The Fair?2020-12-28T16:17:26-05:00

The Fair is a casual, family-oriented environment. We suggest you dress comfortably, wear good walking shoes and check the local weather report before you leave for the Fair.

It is an important part of the Fair experience that the park is family-friendly. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense regarding your attire in the Fair.

Attire that is not appropriate (and for which you may be refused entry) includes, but is not limited to: clothing generally considered offensive or clothing with inappropriate words, phrases and/or graphics.

For your safety we strongly suggest shirts and shoes be worn at all times.

What kind of entertainment and shows are available at the Fair?2022-04-20T23:50:43-04:00

The Community Stage features daily live entertainment including great local bands.

The Kids Big Tent area features Doo Doo the Clown’s Dance Party,  Princess and animal shows.

The Agricultural Pavilion offers the Museum of Agriculture’s educational demonstrations and Canadian Heritage Breed livestock.  The Fairgrounds feature our Laughing Loggers Lumberjack show, the Ultimutt Stunt Dog show, our Demolition Derby, Horse shows, the Birds of Prey show and other diversions of all kinds.

We recommend you have a look at our Attractions page!

What mobility items are available for rental at the Fair?2020-12-28T16:14:15-05:00

Scooter or wheelchair rentals are NOT available. We recommend you make arrangements with a third party provider, prior to attending.

Where can I get something to eat at the Fair?2020-12-28T16:13:38-05:00

We will have lots of different and interesting food vendors on our grounds. Pick your favorite.

How do I find something I’ve lost at the Fair?2022-04-20T23:52:55-04:00

Lost items are brought to the Fair Site Office at the front of the Fairgrounds or contact 613-FAIR (613-741-3247)  or use our Lost & Found form.

Do you provide baby change areas?2020-12-28T16:11:39-05:00

Yes, Our Baby Change facility is near the Kids BIG Tent.

Is there a smoking area while visiting the Fair?2023-07-21T14:48:38-04:00

Smoking is not permitted on the fair grounds. City of Ottawa By-laws will be enforced.

Do you have accessible washrooms and where are they located?2020-12-28T16:10:46-05:00

We have numerous wheelchair accessible portable toilets stationed all around the Fair.

Are credit cards and INTERAC available at the Fair?2020-12-28T16:10:05-05:00

Credit and debit cards are accepted at the Front Gate. Each vendor has their own policies regarding acceptable methods of payment. There are ATM machines available on site.

Are public telephones available at the Fair?2020-12-28T16:09:22-05:00

Public telephones are available in the adjacent casino/clubhouse but not on the Fairgrounds.

Do you offer paging or announcements at the Fair?2020-12-28T16:08:17-05:00

No, our grounds are not equipped with a public announcement system. We can, however, contact all of our Directors on the fairgrounds.

Where can I park my bicycle at the Capital Fair?2020-12-28T16:07:08-05:00

There are steel barricades for parking bicycles beside the Front Gate.

Can I park at the Capital Fair?2020-12-28T15:11:54-05:00

There is plenty of parking at the Fairgrounds for only $5.00.

What are the dates and hours for the Casino?2020-12-28T15:12:21-05:00

The Casino will be open 24/7 during the Fair.

What time do the grounds open/close?2023-07-21T14:52:12-04:00

Monday-Thursday: 1pm – 11pm

Friday: 12pm – 11pm

Saturday: 11am – 11pm

Sunday the 20th: 11am – 11pm

Sunday the 27th: 11am – 8pm

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