The midway industry and OABA provides the following tips for a fun and safe visit to the Fair


• Choose rides appropriate for rider abilities, sensitivities and health.


• Obey listed age, height, weight, and health restrictions especially those involving heart and back

   conditions, and pregnancies. Such restrictions were created by the ride designers and



• Don't put a child on a ride he's either too small or young for/or outgrown.


• Observe and follow all posted ride safety rules and instructions about seating order or loading.


• Keep hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times. Secure loose hair, clothing, and objects.


• Adults should never seat a child on their lap unless ride operators indicate it's safe to do so.

• Follow all verbal instructions given by ride operators or provided by recorded announcements.


• Remain seated in the ride until it comes to a complete stop and riders are instructed to exit.


• Use safety equipment provided; stay safely seated and hold on.


• Parents with children should make sure that their children can understand safe and appropriate ride behavior.


• Never force anyone on rides; don't put children on rides they're afraid of.


• If you see any unsafe behavior or conditions on a ride, report it to a ride supervisor or manager immediately.


• Report injuries to a ride supervisor.

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