Rules and Regulations

Each dancer must abide by all rules and regulations to compete in “Fair Play”. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification. The 2 vs 2 Dance battles will have 2 dancers per team competing against another team. The judge(s) will explain the criteria they are looking for in each dancer. (Ex: Musicality, character,technique etc.) Each team will freestyle dance to the provided music by the DJ, one by one, and the judge(s)will pick who wins the round based on the criteria announced. The winning team will move forward to compete against the next team until the finals.



1. If participating in the “2 vs 2 Waacking” or “2 vs 2 All Styles” dancers must be paired together.

Dancers must have a partner to compete, totaling 2 dancers per team. No exceptions.

2. Dancers must sign up via Facebook Event Wall. Only one dancer in the pair must post the following;

• Their Name/Dancer Name (If applicable) (Ex: Alea aka Didi)

• Their partners Name/Dancer Name (If applicable) (Ex: Arnaldo aka Effect)

• The category (Waacking and/or All Styles)

• Their respective crew name (if applicable). (Moov Ottawa Dance)


Registration Price:

Before or on July 31st

1 Category $10 2 Categories $15

After July 31st

1 Category $15 2 Categories $20


*NOTE: In addition to the registration fees, the Capital Fair $5 Entrance Fee is mandatory and payable at the gate upon entry.



1. 1st Place for “2 vs 2 Waacking” and “2 vs 2 All Styles” = 1000$ each category (500$ per dancer)

2. 2nd Place for “2 vs 2 Waacking”and “2 vs 2 All Styles” = 250$ (125$ per dancer)



1. Dancers must be present for final check‐in registration by 6:30PM latest. Battles start at 7:00PM. If the dancer is not present when called by 6:30PM, dancer is disqualified. No exceptions.

2. Full schedule to be announced.


Additional Conditions:


1. Performance

The Capital Fair is primarily a family friendly event. In that regard, the Fair retains the right to direct an Artist to discontinue any activity constituting violation of a provincial statue, applicable ordinances or directions of lawful authority or any rule or regulation of acceptable conduct established by Capital Fair*.


2. Performance Time

Due to the nature of our event, suggested stage and start times are always subject to change.

Anticipated starting times specified in the Agreement are subject to modifications due to unanticipated circumstances. All artists are required to be at the place of performance in a sufficient amount of time prior to the scheduled time of commencement so as to permit timely production.


3. Sound Level Restrictions

Sound to be provided and produced by D’Urbano Sound and Lights. Strict regulations regarding the maximum sound level are regulated by the City of Ottawa and must adhere to City by‐law limits.


4. Press and Publicity

Media partners and sponsors may request interviews, videotaping, press coverage, "meet and greet", pictures, etc. The Capital Fair will forward any such requests to the Artist and such requests which may not be unreasonably denied.


5. Marketing

Where artist lists and festival posters bearing the artistic lineup appear, placement of the Artist's name will be at the sole discretion of the Capital Fair.


6. Code of Conduct

The Capital Fair will not permit, allow, or tolerate the use of hurtful, derogatory or obscene language, gestures, apparel or the display of gang related colours


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