Real horse power!

So what is a horse pull?

Heavy Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale and Shire horses especially bred for the task are hitched to a heavily weighted “stone boat” and trained to drag it as far as they can.

The team that drags the “boat” the furthest wins. Sounds simple eh? Not quite . . .

Thanks to all our fans and competitors who made the Draft Horse Pull a real drag!

See you next year!

Capital Fair Draft Horse Pull Results for August 12, 2022
Position Light Class Horses Heavy Class Horses
1 Jonathan Robert Sam Don 9500 FP Vince Perrier/Cheryl Bezoine Toby Tony 11500 FP
2 Yves Robert Fred Dan 9500 10’3 Jacques Lanoix Doc Chuck 11500 4’8wd
3 Rob Uens Butch Leo 9500 7’0 Yves Proulx Bob Billy 10500 5’7
4 David Cole Buck Tim 9000 3’1 Ronnie Stewart Snickers Spider 9500 14’6
5 Chris Crites Black Bill 8500 9’9 Alex Thibault Teddy Dale 9500 9’11
6 Philippe Proulx Tommy Sun 8500 10’0
7 Glen Greer Pete Jack 7500 FPwd