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Herein are contained the terms and conditions between the Exhibitor and the Society that are part of the Capital Fair Exhibitor Contract and are henceforth binding on both parties going forward.


The Exhibitor agrees to pay the Gloucester Agricultural Society (GAS) the total balance due as per the agreed to Concession Contract by August 2nd, 2020.


The Exhibitor agrees to comply with the following Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that failure to comply may result in corrective actions or recovery charges being assessed to correct any breach.  This may also result in the removal of any non-compliant concession/display from the Fairgrounds without further notice and/or refund.


¥ This contract can be terminated and all deposits will be returned cancelled 60 days prior to opening day.


In the event that the Exhibitor has paid a securing deposit to GAS and the contract is cancelled due to a default of the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor will forfeit said deposit.


All contracts are subject to HST and require the Exhibitor to become a member of the Gloucester Agricultural Society ($10/year).


Further to the above and at the sole discretion of the GAS Board of Directors, new exhibitors or those who have been previously warned of a breach may be required to provide a performance bond to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions.




Concessions and locations are awarded based on types and category of product(s) presented, required frontage and the requested preferred location.


Categories include Food, Candy, Itinerant, Not For Profit and Percentage Exhibitors and are further differentiated as standard, staple, new or gimmick exhibitors.


"Food exhibitors" are subject to all Ottawa Health Department requirements including but not limited to;


• a three compartment sink for washing, sanitizing and rinsing

• a separate hand wash sink with soap dispenser

• a solid floor to suppress dust

• dish / utility soap, bleach, insect suppression (electrical fans keep flies away)

• mop, broom, paper towels, etc.


IMPORTANT!  This list is for example purposes only.


Check with the Ottawa Health Department for complete information specific to your operation.


"Candy" is defined as prepackaged or freshly made candy products including but not limited to; candy apples, bulk candy, candy floss, suckers, salt water taffy, caramel corn, etc. and is charged at a premium rental rate.  Bulk candy that is not factory sealed, may be rejected if not health department compliant.  If any clarification is required, please contact the office before submitting your application.  Addition of a candy item to a regular menu will result in the rental rate being upgraded to candy.


"Itinerant exhibitors" are defined as concessions that sell goods, services or disseminate information to the general public.  Restricted products, services and information that cannot be presented at the Fair include anything that infringes on copyrighted names and/or logos, adult sex toys, offensive* articles of clothing, espouse religious or political doctrines.


* offensive is defined as anything sexist, racist, discriminatory, promoting criminal behavior, homophobic or anything that would not be considered family-values friendly.


"NFP" (Not-for-Profit) is defined as any group or individual that is recognized by any level of governance as not-for-profit or as a registered charity with a CRA issued charitable number.  NFP's are eligible to a complimentary 10' frontage space under the following conditions;


a) Application must be approved by the Concession Committee, said approval may be withheld without reason.

b) The organization must be able to provide proof of NFP/charitable status upon request.

c) To ensure compliance with all standard terms and conditions, a $750 performance bond is required to confirm the contract.  The bond is 100% refundable if the booth is fully operational and compliant for the entire duration of the contract period.


"Percentage contracts" are available to specific activity style concessions.  All standard terms & conditions apply, except where specifically modified in writing, in a contract addendum.



All locations are allocated in response to the exhibitor's frontage request.  Standard outdoor location depths range between 16ft to 20ft.  Requests for depths greater than 16ft. are subject to physical availability and may be subject to a surcharge.


"Frontage" is defined as the linear measure of distance required by the exhibitor to present or display their product, service or information.  Frontage must include consideration for all components of the display including but not limited to; propane tanks, hitch assemblies, condiment stands, access door and swinging window allowances, canopies, pop up tents, signs, ventilation awnings, etc.


Important note: stock trailers, storage trucks, mobile home trailers, etc. that are part of the exhibitor's contracted space equipment will be unable to move for the duration of the Fair.


Exhibitors are cautioned that failure to accurately report frontage will result in an additional $150 per non-reported footage, payable in cash prior to opening for business.  In severe cases where a misrepresentation results in insufficient space existing to enter the concession line, the exhibitor may be placed in an alternate location or denied entry altogether without further notice or refund.


The Fair features four major exhibitor areas;


1. The "Weekend Specialty Strip" is open to weekend only exhibitors, adjacent to the Highland Games Arena / Horse Ring, the Canadian Military display and the walkway to the Demolition Derby.  .

2. The "Food Court Line " runs from the Birds of Prey to and around the Food Court Tent where tables and seating will be provided.

3. The "North Midway Strip " runs from the Food Court to the Beer Tent alongside the midway.

4. The "South Midway Strip" runs from the Agricultural Tent, adjacent to the midway .


Power:  Each outdoor/itinerant, food and candy contract includes 2 @ 120 volt/15amp circuits.  Additional and/or upgraded power is optionally available.  See #8.1 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION


Hours of Operation:  All booths are to comply with concession schedules.  If sufficient traffic warrants, concessions may stay open until the grounds close, typically at 11pm or when the Giant Ferris Wheel lights are extinguished.  Exhibitors that close early without written notice from the Concession Manager will be given written notice of the breach and on second offence, be expelled from the Fair.  No refunds will be issued.

For complete details see 9.4 CONCESSION HOURS OF OPERATION


Vehicular traffic: Vehicles cannot be moved on the Fairgrounds within one hour prior to opening.  See #9.1 BOOTH STOCKING.  Violations will not be tolerated and offending Exhibitors face ejection from the Fairgrounds without refund.






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