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The Exhibitor agrees to conduct themselves in a manner that will respect GAS’s reputation for integrity; and foster conformity with applicable legal and regulatory procedures and laws.  Stakeholders must be beyond reproach at all times.  In any instances of a breach, either real or perceived, the Society will act immediately to protect the Fair and the Society’s image and reputation.  Any violation of these terms or applicable laws and regulations, can result in the immediate expulsion of the Exhibitor from the Fairgrounds and may result in civil, criminal or regulatory action without any further notice and/or financial compensation.  In the event that a deposit has been paid to GAS, all advances or deposits shall be deemed forfeit without a requirement for further notice.


Any subcontractor or exhibitor who has;

• engaged in criminal activities;

• been accused of a corroborated unlawful act including sexual harassment/assault

• been accused of a corroborated human or animal rights violation;

• violated any Ontario Labour laws;

• knowingly misrepresented or omitted, or permitted others to misrepresent or omit, material facts about their

    operation to GAS;

...will be subject to disciplinary review which may include immediate cancellation of any contractual obligation, regulatory and/or public disclosure and expulsion from the Fairgrounds.


All dogs must be placed secured at all times in an inaccessible non-public area.  Dogs are not permitted at any booth.


Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.


Exhibitor spaces are defined by your purchased frontage.  Sales team members, employees, agents, contractors and representatives are not permitted to solicit the public in the common walkways or any area outside the confines of their contracted space.



All our patrons are entitled to a full show so consequently all booths must be staffed during the Fair's Hours of Operation (see #9.4).  We track early closings or departures.  Failure to comply with Fair business hours will disqualify you from attending future fairs and your actions will be made available to our OAAS & CAFÉ affiliated fairs and exhibitions.  Please review the hours of operation to ensure compliance with your contractual obligations.


Use of audio equipment are restricted to 60db or less.  ie. A quiet office is 50db. Average city traffic is 80db.  Rule of thumb is that if your audio device is annoying your neighbour, then it's too loud.  Please be considerate and respectful.


Handmade signs are not permitted.


Non-compliant exhibitors to any of the above will receive a written warning to correct.  A second offense will result in expulsion with no refund.




Prior to commencing operations, the Society requires the Exhibitor to provide a certificate of third party legal liability insurance for all liabilities, such insurance must be for not less than $2,000,000.00 per occurrence or loss and to be in full force and in effect during the occupancy period contracted for herein, including all additional set up or removal periods.


Please contact your insurance provider to ensure that the liability insurance certificate will include naming of the following as additional named insured;


The Gloucester Agricultural Society           Rideau Carleton Raceway Holdings Inc.    The Corporation of the City of Ottawa

2149 Hubbard Crescent                                4837 Albion Road                                          110 Laurier Ave

Ottawa, Ontario K1J 6L3                               Ottawa, Ontario K0A 1X3                             Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1


This certificate should be provided by your provider at no charge.  Please note:  The certificate of insurance should reflect the occupancy period, not the event days.  Occupancy Period: August 10-24, 2020




Previous year exhibitors/exhibitors enjoy first right to renew their contract, barring any performance issues including but not limited to; early closing, non-payments, policy contravention, etc.


Renewal notices must be submitted electronically before 11:59pm, February 28th, 2020.  After the deadline, all locations will be considered released and available.  In the event of electronic data transmission failure, it will be at the sole discretion of the Society to accept any subsequent attempts.




Exhibitors can purchase a grounds parking pass for $30. The 10 day pass will permit unlimited in/out privileges where safely available.  All parking permits must be displayed in the driver-side dashboard window of the vehicle or the vehicle may be subject to removal without notice.  The Fairgrounds are private property and no further notice will be given if a vehicle needs to be towed and impounded.  The offending party will be responsible for any and all associated costs.




To expedite the concession contract process, please make sure your contract is complete and correct.  For help with the exhibitor application see http://capitalfair.ca/Exhibitorrapp_guide.html


A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your contract.  The date your deposit is received will determine your location selection priority.  First to be received, first location to be awarded.




Exhibitor may make advanced payments in cash, cheque, e-Transfer, Paypal, credit or debit card*.


Cheques are to be payable to;  Gloucester Agricultural Society  2149 Hubbard Crescent, Ottawa ON K1J 6L3 and will ONLY be accepted prior to July 13th, 2020 after which only cash, money order, e-transfer or credit/debit card payment will be accepted.


A $25.00 fee will be applied to all NSF cheques.


Exhibitor payments are accepted in cash, cheque, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.  To use on-line or credit options please use the following link;  http://www.capitalfair.ca/exhibitor-balance-due.html


* some credit/debit cards can only be processed at the Fair Main Office.








The Gloucester Agricultural Society

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FAIRGROUNDS: Rideau Carleton Raceway & Casino

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                         Ottawa ON  K1X 1A3

HOME OFFICE:  2149 Hubbard Crescent

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